In the short time that it has been around the AngleSet has already managed to become one of those products that we couldn’t live without.

With its ability to slacken, or steepen a head angle by up to 1.5º it has taken tailoring a bike to your specific tastes to a whole new level. Whilst some riders might be perfectly happy with the way a bike rides out of the box, others won’t be and that’s where this product can really make a difference. It’s not just about tweaking a new bike to ride the way you want though as an AngleSet can often breathe a new lease of life into an older bike with an outdated head angle.

With it now being available in a whole load of different sizes the vast majority of frame and fork combinations are catered for, and of course that genius gimble design means it’ll work regardless of the length of head tube. High quality construction and bearings just add to the appeal of this product.

Price: £199.99

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