There’s no two ways about it, this is one special fork. Its greatest quality is undoubtedly its ability to hold its shape and not ever use more travel than is absolutely necessary. It’ll keep something in reserve when others will use everything up. That might make you think that these forks give you a bit of a beating, but they don’t, BOS have just got the balance right. The consequence of this performance is that they’re without doubt the fastest trail forks out there, and the drop in price simply makes the decision to go for them even easier.

There are now a few different models too with a choice of 140, 160 or 170mm travel, 1 1/8" or tapered steerer, and you can get them with or without the TRC switch (a form of lockout).

With the latter choice we’d always go without. The standard forks are just so composed that we’ve never felt the need for it and it just adds more weight and cost.

Price: £835.00

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