It has to be said that the Trailfox is perhaps not the best looker, but as soon as you swing a leg over one that’s the last thing on your mind.

The 150mm of travel is achieved via two short links and the result is highly efficient. If offers great sensitivity but yet it doesn’t eat through its travel at any given opportunity. Instead it gives great support and only moves when it needs to. It’s one of those designs that you don’t really notice, even when laying the power down, and we always think that’s a great trait to have.

As good as the suspension is though it’s in the angles where this bike really shines. BMC have got it dialled and why they chose to steepen the head angle of the carbon version by a degree is still a mystery to us. They reckon it makes it even more of a climber, but we personally think this one climbs great as it is and it’s a whole load more fun on the descents. Let’s just hope they leave this aluminium one as it is.

Price: £3699.99

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