It might seem strange that an issue so full of bling doesn’t contain Avid’s top brakes and instead features these 9’s, but even more strange than that is that these brakes are actually better. The reason being that Avid have introduced a new ‘air–trap’ feature in both these and the ‘7’ brakes, which has resulted in them being even more reliable than before. As the name suggests this new design means that even if you put your bike upside down any tiny air bubbles in the system will be trapped out of harms way.

That new addition, along with the already superb power and feel, means that these brakes are better than ever. The tool free reach and bite point adjusters allow you to get them set up just the way you like, and apart from looking mighty fine the carbon lever is also a great shape. If you can live without the bite point adjuster then check out the cheaper 7’s, but we think these are where it’s at.

Price: £174.99

Fisher Outdoor Leisure

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