With their well proven ProTAPER technology which puts material where it’s needed and removes it from where it isn’t; Answer have produced this full 780mm width DH bar which weighs in at just 336g.

That’s the kind of weight that you normally find on much narrower aluminium bars, yet this Answer bar has proved to be more than man enough for the job. Apart from looking classy we also love the way it reminds us of the old skool days when there really was only one choice when it came to bars; the ProTAPER. Shape wise there’s nothing kooky going on with 8º of backsweep and 4º of upsweep, plus there’s a choice of either 12.5 or 25.4mm of rise. It’s great to see a return to form for this bar, and long may it continue.

Price: £59.99 Hotlines

01313 191 444