The sheer amount of research and development that Luis Arraiz and his team have put into this bike has meant that no stone has been left unturned. What you are looking at here is a full factory set-up at a price that will normally buy you a production frame. When you invest in the K–9 you are buying into a whole lot of knowledge and expertise that will no doubt make you a faster rider as Luis sets the bike up for you perfectly.

With a CDV6 steel mainframe and a 7005 Ali super stiff rear end the DH001–S blends materials together perfectly, and with the patented LA Link, which Luis and his team have been developing and refining for five years, you get superbly efficient and balanced suspension performance.

It’s a no brainer that a well designed bike with the set–up and suspension tailored to you the customer, is going to ride better than an off–the–peg machine with stock shocks. The K–9 has the choice of all three of our favourite rear shocks and whatever you go for you know it will ride like a dream.

£2,500 (Vivid) £2,700 (Stoy) £2,900 (Cane Creek)

K–9 Industries 01865 349 013