Images: Winder

For the Biggest Slice we weren't content with just having your regular, run of the mill Windhill bike park section, we wanted to turn things up a notch. Cue Darren Evans, his hardtail and some of the biggest airtime of the entire slice. As ever, here are 5 things you wouldn't know about the Winhill section of the Biggest Slice if Tommy C didn't tell you...


Darren Evans and Phil Atwill are the most lethal combination of people I’ve ever seen. Peer pressure and abuse are rife. Throw some big jumps into the mix and you’ve got yourself what they would call a party.


Darren is the hardtail hooner of current times. He rides for Stanton Bikes and is doing them justice in shedloads. His signature trick, as you might be able to see, is an old school x-up... And sending things as far as possible.


He said he prefers riding that 29er hardtail through rough stuff rather than a full suspension. The bigger wheels, and his tyre pressure setup means that he just floats across the terrain. He’s raced Finale EWS on a hardtail several times, and he’s just raced that gnarly ass French EWS round on one too. We salute you, Darren.


Phil Atwill still had his injury at this point in the winter but didn’t want to miss out of the madness so he was resident 2nd filmer for the day, which was quite strange. We had to keep telling him what aperture meant, and he asked me what his ISO should be knocking on for 20 times throughout the day. He also shot everything in 4k on some fancy ass Blackmagic camera.. which meant the file sizes were enormous. I’ll shoot about 6gb of HD footage in a day. He shot over 120gb. In a day. My computer had a seizure when it saw those numbers.


Thankfully for his joints, Darren is getting hold of a full suspension soon from Stanton. So expect him going bigger and faster aboard that thing.