Words: Tommy C, Images: Winder

It wouldn't bePie if we didn't venture North of the border and check in with the Scots. Always one of the rowdier Pie segments, the Scottish boys go above and beyond when Tommy's camera comes out and Kinlochleven was no exception. Featuring the Dudes of Hazard, the Kerrs and more, here are 5 things you wouldn't know unless Tommy C told you...


So Serge, or Ryan Middleton as he’s actually called, is riding on the yellow coloured bike which is Lachlan Blair's old bike from last years film. But for the opening clip where he tries to grab onto the tree, he’s on Lachlan Blair's new bike... I’m not entirely sure why he was on a brand new canyon and then tried to grab the branch with both hands and let the bike roll off down the hill. I know a lot of peer pressure was involved though. You’d think he’d do it on the old bike too. Can’t for the life of me remember why he swapped.


Who noticed the varying names for Serg and Ferg? We weren’t too sure how that would be received seeing as it was an inside joke, but it added to the chaos and calamity that is the scottish boys.


Kinlochleven is I think renowned to be one of the darkest places around to live. Something to do with the valley it sits in, it barely gets sunshine and is a fairly dreary place, although the hills are massive and trails are awesome.


Fergs base layer progressively gets more tatty and ripped as the day goes on. With every crash it suffers another rip or tear.


The amount of footage we had from this day was insane. I was scared to even go near it or even think about editing it. We had a big old group and they were super keen so were bashing out the runs, especially on the rad sections. Yeah, it was a mammoth job.