Images: Winder

It's fair to say that Chester is not exactly known around the UK as a mountain bike mecca. For the Biggest Slice though we put the boys to task and they delivered in spades. From Affy's old jumps to being hounded by dogs at the pump track, here are 5 things you wouldn't know about the Biggest Slice's Chester section unless Tommy C told you...


The dirt jumps in this section were originally Affy’s - and are now maintained by David Jenkinson who digs at Revolution Bike Park. Cheers for letting us ride them in the depths of winter!


The jumps were greasy as ken when we turned up, we had to do quite a bit of work to get them to run and for the boys to get into it. Craig actually hit the deck on the run into the first jump because it was so slimy. He curled up in the foetal position wishing he wasn’t there. 


We were hounded at the tarmac pump track, quite literally, by dogs. Cody was attracting half the dog population of Chester and at one point they were scattered across the pump track. It was like a bloody zoo. One of them had a fancy harness on its back and Craig named it Bulbasaur.


When Craig does the dog voiceover at the end, that was completely unplanned and the only take we did. It was an idea that had been brewing in my head for a while so I thought whilst we there that it would be a good time to pull it off.


We nearly abandoned Dave in Wrexham Asda because he was insistent on doing a full shop when we only wanted a few snacks for lunch.