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The Dual in the Crown - Parkwood Springs, Sheffield

New public dual slalom track opens in Sheffield city centre

Peatys Steel City DH 2016 #Lastorders

This may be Peaty’s last year on the world cup circuit, but that doesn’t mean he’s going out quietly.

Peatys Steel City Downhill - This Saturday

This Saturday, 2nd May, sees Peaty’s Steel City Downhill race back for its 5th year. Steve Peat hosts the biggest little race in Grenoside woods, Sheffield, raising money to improve Sheffield’s mountain trails.

Peaty's Steel City Downhill 2015

The Biggest Little race around is back for 2015. Peaty's Steel City DH will be hitting greno woods on saturday 2nd May.

World Championships 2014: Who's your money on?

This weekend sees the final finale of the DH season, the world champs in Hafjell, Norway. Its the glory race, its all on the line, its one chance only. Who's your money on?

In Your Back Yard

Do you have such a track or set of jumps or something different altogether? Have you been beavering away all winter and are now waiting from it all to dry out? Would you like to share your creations and labours of love on the pages of Dirt?

Greg Minnaar, Pietermaritzburg, preparing for World Cup Round 1

Take a ride with World Champion Greg Minnaar and his new knee down the South African National track in Pietermaritzburg, which is about 60% of what will be used for the first round of the World cup.

Start your week out right with Bas van Steenbergen

Watch this video of Bas van Steenbergen ripping on his 'little bike' and you will start Monday with a big grin on your face. Its up to you to keep it there until the weekend.

Peaty's Steel City DH 2014

This year’s Peaty’s Steel City DH has just been announced; It is grass roots racing at its finest and the biggest little race around. Sheffield’s Greno woods will again be playing host to its annual Mini DH on Saturday 17th May.

How to be More Enduro with Fabien Barel

Fabien Barel needs no introduction, he's a legend. As this video clearly shows, he's doesn't take himself to seriously either... sometimes. Dan Milner heads out to Fab's back yard to 'learn to be more enduro.

Between The Eyes: Grant Robinson by Seb Kemp

Photographer Grant Robinson has graced the pages of Dirt with his stunning images for many years. In this film Seb Kemp brings out why Grant takes photos, his passions and discuss the controversial issue of 'Blur'.

Anka Martin's New Zealand Adventure

Juliana bikes could not have picked a better front woman than Anka Martin to show off just what their range of bikes is about. Here she leads a team of 4 crack cycling commandos on a Kiwi odyssey in what she describes as her back yard.

Escape: Jérôme Clementz getting rowdy in Chile

Hold your breath as Jérôme Clementz takes us for a ride down a Chilean mountain.

Bike Park Wales Race Team

Bike Park Wales have gone an put together a pretty rad looking race team. In this video the team, Rowan Sorrell, Leon Rosser, Duncan Porter and Martin Astley smash up all the bikepark has to offer and do it with a large dollop of Style.

Josh Lewis: Ladlife Episode 1

Josh lewis has been training hard this winter alongside Josh 'Ratboy' Bryceland. However, they're still finding time to have plenty of fun along the way. Sit back and enjoy 2 minutes of POV action; DH, Little bikes, BMX and semi nudity.

Between The Eyes: Jordan Manley's #dailywalk

Two years ago Photographer Jordan Manley was out for a ride but fell, and cracked his head. This short film features an interview with Jordan about his recovery and how he used photography to understand and use the effects of his concussion in a creative way.

Keep it simple: Pans and Zooms in the Woods

Sometimes simplicity is best. What more do you need than some sloppy ruts and turns, a pinned rider and a camera with a zoom button? No music, no clever story line; just 40 seconds of fast riding on fun turns with the Rankin zoom button fully engaged.

Hows your winter going?

Is it me, or has this Winter been really long? How are you spending yours? Hold up in front of the fire looking out the window, or out on two wheels getting your fix whenever you can?

Where it all began? Tashes, Drifts and Klunkers

This late 70s news segment documents the beginnings of mountain biking as we know it today. For me its lets about the big tyres, wide bars and 1x10 setup; its more about the 'spirit', the mates racing and the 'dicking about on bikes'.

Steve Smith: Season Won, mustache gone.

Steve Smiths 2013 World cup season really was the things dreams are made of. Chasing Gee Atherton down all season long and grabbing the overall from him at the last race. Here Steve and manager Gabe reflect on the season that was and his incredible success