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Superstar Components Delta Magnesium EVO Pedals

Superstar originally made their name with pedals, and these latest Delta Magnesium EVO pedals look like yet another winner.

First it was Playmobil mountain biking, now it's Lego!

Last week we thought we'd seen one of the best mountain bike videos ever, but this new Lego one takes the stop motion thing to a whole new level...

Emyr Davies just proved that hardtails still rule

Last weekend Emyr Davis managed to clock the second fastest time of the day at a downhill race...on a BTR Belter hardtail!

Mavic Trans Provence 2014 highlights

Here are your video highlights from the Trans Provence 2014, along with the dates and entry information for the 2015 event...

Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup 2015

If you can't get enough of your enduro racing then you'll be pleased to hear that for 2015 Ireland gets the brand new Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup.

Stu Thomson talks about the making of 'The Ridge'

In the latest instalment of 'The Hub Show' Stu Thomson, the director of 'The Ridge', talks about how Danny Macaskill's latest YouTube phenomenon came to be...

Peaty's Bike Bonanza

If you're looking to buy some more bike kit, or you've got some to sell, then you definitely need to think about heading to 'Peaty's Bike Bonanza'.

Tested - Five Ten Impact VXi Clipless Shoes Review

On paper these Five Ten Impact VXi Clipless shoes were my dream shoes, but did they live up to that dream?

This is quite possibly the best mountain bike video yet

This mountain bike video really is incredible, and yet it doesn't even have a proper mountain bike in it!

Justin Leov's EWS diary - Holding on to it!

Justin Leov gives a great account of just how hard racing in the EWS can be, and how he managed to hold onto 3rd place overall in the series.

Rideworks - A new 100% UK made company

We are more used to seeing manufacturing move overseas, but news has just come in of Rideworks, a brand new 100% UK based bike company.

Chris Akrigg...on a fatbike

After watching this video the question surely has to be; is there any kind of bike that Chris Akrigg can't look amazing on?

Tom Van Steenbergen front flip crash Red Bull Rampage 2014

Tom Van Steenbergen attempted a beyond ballsy front flip over the massive canyon gap at this year's Rampage, but it didn't quite go to plan...

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Carbon Bars

Fancy treating you and your bike to a set of carbon bars? If so then here's our guide to the 10 best mountain bike carbon bars on the market...

The new GoPro Hero4 has arrived, and it's raised the bar once again

After a long wait the new all singing and dancing GoPro Hero4 is now on sale, and it's joined by another new GoPro that costs less than £100!

Here are another three amazing Alpine tracks that you've got to go and ride

Ali Jamieson from trailAddiction has just waged into the best Alpine track debate with these three absolutely incredible tracks. If you don't fancy riding at least one of these there's something wrong with you!

Video - 2014 Red Bull Rampage - Testing Lines

With the qualifying round fast approaching, riders attempt to stitch together elements of their run, and it doesn't always go quite to plan...

Photo Slideshow - 2014 Red Bull Rampage - First Time Senders

The countless hours of digging at the 2014 Red Bull Rampage have resulted in some truly jaw dropping lines, and now the riders are starting to send them...

Video - 2014 Red Bull Rampage - Whip Session

In an attempt to warm up for what is to come the riders at Rampage held an impromptu evening whip session, and Mitch Ropelato soooo nearly ate some Utah dust...

Could this invention be the solution to bike theft?

This is easily the most novel approach we've seen to bike security...