No rest for the wicked. A high-intensity day testing features on the Hardline course Wednesday was followed up yesterday by the chance to ride the most intimidating hits on the course - the Cannonball and the Renegade.

These jumps have taken their fair share of casualties in previous years but we've got one hell of a cohort up the mountain this year, mocking the sizable gaps with wild shapes and trailing limbs. It's not just the new-school boys going wild though, Brendog is the man getting tongues wagging and the highlight of the day has to be him going upside down on the Renegade, truly wild!

Nature has thrown in a curveball though, two dry days of practice have let riders find their wings but with rain falling as we speak, the track could well be a totally different beast by this evening. Check out our favourite shots from yesterday above and a full selection from mountain bikers keenest capturers below courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool.