Mont Sainte Anne is one of the most feared and loved tracks on the World Cup circuit. Yes, it's been a part of the rolling circus for 25 years but there's simply no better feeling than tucking in behind your stem and deathgripping for as long as you dare - a sensation this track provides in the bucketloads. It offers an unreplicated cocktail of speed, commitment and occasion that means we, and the riders, love coming back year after year.

It's 3km long, making it the longest track this year by about 200 metres but when the riders are hitting speeds of 70 kmh (as Sam Blenkinsop managed last year) they should expect to make it down in about 4 minutes, that's scarily fast. Times were a bit slower last year when the rains fell in finals and it was de-ja-vu today as a storm lashed the mountain. It's set fair for the rest of the week though meaning this is as wild as the racing should get.

There is a new bit this year. It's named Le Tarzan and is (pretty shockingly) a woods section, that brings some extra tech and rock rolls into the Mont Sainte Anne mixer. It's short but sweet and will make for an interesting challenge to some of the riders who know this place better than their local bike park. Check it out, and the whole of the track for that matter, in our high speed, full throttle Top to Bottom preview.

Timed training results.

Video: Andrew Burns