It's Friday, it's the weekend and the sun is back in Britain!

Last week's downpour has nicely dampened down the dust and trails across the country are running prime. We had Matt Walker up at Hopton yesterday and the boy was flying. That edit's coming next week and so is the always formidable Mont Sainte Anne. 

Until then, here's your weekly dose of randoms:

Harley Davidson eBikes

Motorbike brands are honing in on the ebike dollar boom faster than you can say "stick to what you're good at" and Harley Davidson look like they're angling to be next on the band wagon. As they move their production out of the USA and fued with Donald Trump, Harley Davidson are looking for ways to diversify their customers base and it seems we're in their sights. We'll get Ieuan signed up to be first in line for a test ride!


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Loud things going fast

Skiing down K2

The world's second biggest mountain has killed 1 in every 4 people that attempted to climb it. Here's Andrzej Bargiel becoming the first ever person to ski down it. Mad props. 

Have a good weekend folks!