Another week has passed and with it, a fresh batch of edits have been vying for our attention. As ever, we've reduced the multitude of offerings down to the five that we consider most deserving of your time. From French freeride to Enduro in South America, this is what you need to watch this week.

100 Miles and Ridin’ - Paul Couderc

Last week we were waxing lyrical about Deity and the quality of their video content. Step forward Commencal. On the World Cup circuit, an armada of young French talent looks set to project Commencal towards a battle for the team of the season, add to that a catalogue of team riders that reads like a sponsorship wish list and it's clear that Max has a master plan. 

In 100 Miles and Ridin', the young French videographer Leon Perrin turns his lens towards Paul Couderc. Couderc is likely not a name that you're familiar with, we weren't, but his riding is sublime. It's difficult to balance a banger-laden jump session with trail shredding but Perrin does so with aplomb, creating a thoroughly watchable edit that keeps Commencal's name at the top of the pile.

Fabric presents Nine2Five - South America

We have to admit, a 40-minute synopsis of the South American rounds of the Enduro World Series did little to wet the appetite. The overriding struggle that enduro faces is that riding at 90% with a rucksack on is never going to translate well on screen; enduro footage invariably pales in comparison to the abundance of gravity focused videos that grace 5ives.

Alex Rankin does as Alex Rankin does best though and managed to create a mini-masterpiece. This is possibly the best content to come out of the Enduro Series. Featuring the Santa Cruz team and the 50:01 boys, Rankin focuses on the personality of the riders and the myriad of locations that are unique to the Series as much as the riding itself. 

The contrast of personalities between the race-obsessed Mark Scott and Rat and Loose is great. Their talent on a bike aside, a major reason for 50:01's success is because at the end of the day it's a bunch of affable dudes who love getting rad on bicycles, and this is what Rankin has managed to capture so well.

Right Up Your Street - Hockenhulls

Another 5ives video courtesy of Commencal. This is Tommy C at his finest; cut away everything unnecessary and focus on delivering the best riding footage you can. Without doing him a disservice, Tommy C and cinematic are not words that often intersect. What Tommy C does best is get you more stoked to ride a bike than almost any other filmer, at no point do his edits veer away from focusing on being flat out, and they're so much better for it.

Brandon Semenuk in Madeira

View on Instagram

The biggest criticism of Revel Co's 'Gallery' was that it was perhaps a little high-brow for its own good. Presentation aside, there was no denying that the individual clips were stellar. Now, Brandon has put together a compilation of those clips, specifically those from Madeira, on Instagram.

That both Brandon and Rupert are content with putting footage this good on Instagram is a testament to the quality of their work. There are a plethora of filmmakers who would be proud to release this as a standalone edit. This is easily good enough to be a standalone edit. Instead, RevelCo has whittled it down to only the very best clips and used it to create something even more groundbreaking in Gallery. 

The footage itself is incredible. Rupert has absolutely nailed the balance between skate-inspired raw, handheld footage and cinematic quality. Between this, Inertia and the Raw100's he is presenting an aesthetic of mountain biking that is totally unique to the sport, as opposed to trying to replicate that found in BMX, skate or surf. Here's hoping this aesthetic becomes the go-to for filmmaking.

MTB Park: Matt Macduff and Bailey Peckford at Joyride 150 | The Rise MTB

Oh come off it. We thought (hoped) that the MTB park edit had been, quite rightfully, confined to 2012 when Sam Pilgrim's fluorescent purple Halos were sending tailwhips down 4 sets. It seems like Matt Macduff is single-handedly attempting to spearhead a revival though.

All jokes aside, Macduff is one of our favourite riders, watching him send DarkFest earlier in the year was so rad. Style for miles and totally loose, but this is not the direction we want to see him going in. Regardless of the rider, the filmer or the song choice, park edits on big wheels will forever look awkward. There is quite literally a type of bicycle designed specifically to ride park on. Lets leave it to them eh.