We've got World Cup fever and this video helped relieve the symptoms

The World Cup season hasn’t even officially started yet, but with the first round taking place this weekend inĀ Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, we’re already suffering from a severe dose of World Cup fever. What better tonic for such a condition than to sit back and watch what happened there last year. OK, so it might have been the World Champs there last year and not the World Cup, and on paper it might not be the most exciting track, but hey as last year proved this venue is more than capable of producing some incredible battles and stories.

Who’s going to take the title this year? Will it be yet another Minnaar victory? Will we see a return to winning ways from Gwin? Will big wheels take the win? And will the winner even be riding a DH bike? Who knows, but we sure as hell can’t wait to find out…

Is anyone going to beat Minnaar on his home turf? Only time will tell…

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