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Videos: Highlights of 2009

Videos: Highlights of 2009

James Renwick James Renwick

Over at the mothership Mpora they’ve been commissioning some of the nicest videos of 2009, whether it be BMX, MX or MTB. Here’s a wee selection of what’s gone down so far in 2009

There’s plenty more on its way, so check back soon…

Robin Fenlon’s A Weekend With Owain Clegg:

More BMX >>

Mikey Neale’s edit focusing on Team GB at the MXDN

More Motocross >>

And last but by no means least, the Parkins’ very own DirtTV World Cup coverage

More Mountain Biking >>

  1. hae ass the mad street fighter

    sweet video, hate those bull shit ‘ need for speed’ adverts though

  2. Rory

    You can click the “X” on the top right and it ends the advert…

  3. Barney

    Ads on Videos suck!

  4. Michael

    Love Gee’s slide!

  5. Neil the weak

    Really like the tune that runs along with the Schladming highlight reel. Anyone know what it is?

  6. rob

    remix of hilltop hoods track

  7. enri italy

    should be something like “recapturing the vibe” or “the recaptured vibe”, by hilltop hoods..

  8. hendrik

    does anybody know from whom the song on the
    Robin Fenlon’s A Weekend With Owain Clegg
    video is? i´m too birdbrained to find it out.

    thank´s, hendrik


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