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Throwback Thursday: Name the Pros

Throwback Thursday: Name the Pros

Norba National Championships 2000 at Crystal Mountain, Washington. Narrow Bars, wide open sections and Metal.

Who can you spot?

  1. Trip

    Got Kovarik, Giove, King, Palmer (maybe), Rennie and maybe a Houseman?

    1. Skootur

      Pretty sure i saw John Kirkaldie on a Foes

  2. rusty

    I’d add Eric Carter and Kurt Voreis (maybe).

  3. Meta


  4. Maximilian

    Kovarik, a Dirt Works rider, Joel Panozzo, Missy Giove (also thought of Todd/Kyle LeDuc but I was wrong), Jeremy Purdy?, John Kircaldie, Eric Carter, Shaun Palmer?, Shaums March, Kirt Voreis.

    Need to check those, though!

  5. Maximilian
  6. Darren

    I thought I was a nerd!

  7. Big Bird

    I was there racing the expert class on a Santa Cruz Super 8 with 6″ Boxxers. It was hands down the best track I’ve ever raced. The whole top of the track was a wide open steep rock garden with no tape. Just a start gate and find your own way down to where the tape started way down there. It also had two chairlifts to get to the top, so if the crowds were at the top, you could just practice the bottom and visa versa. Almost no spectators showed up, so it was like a race for riders only and had a great party vibe. That’s probably why we only raced there once, too much partying and not enough crowds.

  8. Dexta

    That’s the kinda downhill that got me pumped to start the sport.got giove.palmer.n for sure kovarik oh n renni wot a vid tho those are the kinda tracks world cups nd to b these days two min tracks with huge jumps dnt do it for me brakes off hold n make ur way down fast as

  9. Joshua Hubbard

    Bernard Fredrick and John Tomac


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