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The Taylor Vernon Show: behind the scenes

The Taylor Vernon Show: behind the scenes

If you thought that every slick video and photo shoot was just as slick behind the scenes then this collection of outtakes from the shoot that Wideopenmag did with Taylor Vernon will prove you wrong.

Shot in the Welsh Valleys, the photographer is Jacob Gibbins and the other lad in the vid is Tom Lloyd who is Tay’s best buddy and now helps the Athertons out at the World Cups.

Be warned though, the language is a bit fruity, and the focus is a bit questionable…

  1. Big+Bird

    I swear that I made a comment on this vid earlier, guess it’s a case of deja vu ‘cos there’s none here now. He makes a comment about the camera man “Perving out” on children. Seems to me that the child in the crowd is the perv, or at least a bit excitable.

  2. welshy

    not funny at all and a waste of time watching, he just comes across as a massive tit/pleb.

  3. Oz

    Couldn’t agree more Welshy. Pointelss video that does nothing for Taylors image or any of his sponsors. I’m sure One Industries and GT will be really pleased about their rider swearing on camera. I wonder if Wideopen got their approval before making the video public?

  4. Jay

    Was worried I was the only one thinking the same thing, glad I’m not just a boring fart! Really was 3 mins wasted

  5. PR

    No fun allowed in this sport no more.

  6. baddog

    When did Justin beiber start riding for gt?

  7. Taff Frewin

    Love it – a good bunch of mates messing about in the woods and calling it work, good times!

    Let ’em have some fun, haters!

  8. boysie

    about time, at least this lad isnt a boring tw*t!

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