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Team CRC Nukeproof: #onthehunt 3

Team CRC Nukeproof: #onthehunt 3

The CRC boys are back with the next instalment of their On The Hunt Series. Whilst Sam Hill takes a trip back home and keeps us entertained with the type of humour only he has, the UK boys head to Wales for some off roading with Al Bond.

  1. Phil Collins

    When was this, a month ago? I mean every other team, including smaller teams can get their videos out in days, not months. Y’know when they are actually still somewhat relevant or when the event is fresh in peoples memories.

    It was great when Sam rode for specialized. They had interesting, insightful and professionally produced race videos which were released shortly after each race. Now CRC serve us up this confused, tacky mish mash with no discernible tone, theme or direction and motion graphics that looked like they were ripped from a 90s kids tv show. Way to capitalise on your superstar signing.

  2. BamBam

    Well seeing as Hill said it was between his last world cup and champs you would assume it was last week or the week before actually.

    Please dont let that get in the way of your awesomely pointless rant though!

    1. Phil+Collins

      Riiight, so it was a video about the Vallnord race, with bits between the last world cup and the champs and it’s come out two weeks after MSA and presumably two weeks before the next one which I guess will be about the MSA race.

      I’ll not use sarcasm again as it doesn’t seem to travel well.

  3. JB

    That was sick I like the part whith hill trail riding whant too go ride now stoked

  4. gerald

    sam hill

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