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Stevie Smith, the beginnings of a WC Champion. Seasons 2007

Stevie Smith, the beginnings of a WC Champion. Seasons 2007

What a victory! Steve Smith has snatched the World Cup overall victory away from Gee Atherton who has been leading all season long. His triumphant win in Leogang rounded out a solid back end to the season (I’ll not mention worlds) and his long dreamed of World Cup Overall win.

Harking back to his beginnings in Cassidy, Steve has dreamt of success for a very long time. This section from ‘The Collectives’ Seasons film from 2007 shows the desire of a 17 year old Stevie to match the performances of his Idols, Sam Hill and Steve Peat. Shuttled up the hill by his amazing Mom, Steve talks about what drives him and where he wants to be… in 2013!http://vimeo.com/50799736

Well done Steve.stevesmith

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  1. danny

    good on you steve smith long time coming

  2. Amanda Batty

    Steve has just proved that there’s no dream too big, no destination too far… For any of us. It’s refreshing, inspiring and exciting to see a great guy like Steve get where he wants to be.

  3. rod fountain

    I remember watching that at a cinema in London thinking…that’s going to take ages and lots of crashes before it comes true, and now look. Sounds cheesy, but yeah, it’s a bit of a lesson, eh?

  4. Northwest

    … and now he’s done it.

  5. dirt dodger

    so deserved :-) he and Gee provided 1 great season. looks like i got him for a bargain in fantasy this year as next year he is likely to be lotsa £££


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