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Scot Nicol: Founder of Ibis Cycles

Scot Nicol: Founder of Ibis Cycles

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The chaps over at Bike Magazine set up a great question and answer session with Scot Nicol, founder of Ibis Cycles. I think the whole show went on for hours, but here is a condensed version with Scot talking passionately about how he brought the company to life, the people who helped make it happen and that big tractor wheeled bike.

Have a peek over at www.bikemag.com for the full monty.

  1. Barry The Lamb

    Enjoyed that. Great to hear about some Ibis history.

  2. Zee man

    In my opinion the sculptural form of these are terrible. I never knew why, I thought some designer just discovered voronoi patterns. There is the explanation, an industrial design sculptur messing with foam. I’m sure some people love the shape but as he said, naive.

  3. Danieldh

    TED conference! Prety cool guy, prety cool ideology!

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