Poetry in Motion: Saracen rider Matt Jones at Woburn

“Slap, chin, slide, space, swing, slap. The sound of a shovel stroking the soft, pastel coloured earth. The huge feeling of self gratification as you gaze down on your newly created kingdom…”

Not a lot of people know that some of our greatest writers of all time were also dirt jumpers. Yes. The likes of Tennyson, Wordsworth, Keats and Coleridge all liked to dig jumps up the woods. Matt Jones carries on this esteemed tradition.

Bloody awesome edit from Laurence Crossman-Emms!

Matt Jones is having a great 2013. The contest season is barely underway and already this young talent is making a name for himself , whether that’s by winning the qualifications round at Vienna Air King (his first FMB contest), then coming 10th in the finals, or busting out double backflips and a whole amount of style in photos and on videos both at home and abroad.

Photo and video: Laurence Crossman-Emms

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