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Run To The Hills Team Dirt Norco: Teaser Video

Run To The Hills Team Dirt Norco: Teaser Video

Team_DIRT_HeadPostThe Dirt Norco team traveled through Ireland and Wales during run to the hills, joined by Ben Winder and Bradley Dove Dixon on photo and video duty. They hit up some varied spots in Ireland before heading back to Wales and Dirt HQ on the final day.

20130928_140353The guys had a good week, and traveled in about in the Dirt Norco bus, with a mixture of riders on board from downhill and Dirt Jump the guys mixed it up.

GlynMapCareful planning and consideration went into the Dirt Norco route. You can catch up with the guys on each day to find out what they got up to:

Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4

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  1. Sean

    Reidy goggle shot ’bout 30secs in… (step 20)

  2. barry white

    Jordan scott is a legend


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