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New Zealand MTB Cup : Rd 4 at Hunua

New Zealand MTB Cup : Rd 4 at Hunua

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Sam Blenkinsop took the Elite mens win by a gnats crotch from Brook MacDonald at the final round of the NZ DH Cup at Hunua.

Fellow Lapierre rider Emmeline Ragot took the women’s win with a 2.53.34 with Jess Stone flying the UK flag in 2nd.

Wyn TV Masters was multitasking with both riding and interview chit chat.

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  1. Eoin

    Is Blenki going to ride clips this season? Has Hill switched over for his Aus races? Either way hoping both Sams win a few world cups this year!

  2. dirt dodger

    hi speed, lots of fun, and that youth was so lucky he didn’t get punted to a tree!


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