The New Old theme Continues: Tom Grundy. Rankin Homage?

I dont know if this is a deliberate homage by Tom Grudy but all the Pan-Zoom; Mates dicking about; shakey footage and Brilliant tune selection; make this video sound and feel just like a modern day Sprung.

Brendan Farclough, Olly Wilkins, Sam Reynolds, Charlie Collins and Mike Smith Steeze up for the camera and have a blast on various types of two wheels and terrain. Brilliant!


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  1. Tom Grundy

    Certainly was a bit of a homage to Rankin!

  2. g

    thats was fully sick and a mile better than all the super serious usuals

  3. Fernando Muska Pereira

    We want more!! This is the kind of riding videos that get me stoked, not that “look at me, I´m soooo cool and serious about racing” and all that…


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