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New Old Rankin: 'Team Playbiker' - Pila - 2008

New Old Rankin: 'Team Playbiker' - Pila - 2008

Alex Rankin has just uploaded this new-old footage from back in 2008. Team Playbiker were made up of Adam Brayton, Florian Pugin, Lorzeno Suding, Nathan Rankin and Mike Skinner (don’t they look young!) who seem to be having loads of fun tearing up the trails of Pila.

This is classic, quality Rankin! Brilliant.

  1. j boy

    more sped up rankin

    1. gspot

      wish he still filmed the world cups…so much better at it than anyone else

  2. Maya Rider

    hot damn rankin looks like a sam hill. what a stunningly graceful rider…

  3. fanboy

    I love pila, the riding is so much fun! Great vid with some loose riding too..


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