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Master Class with Fabien Barel: Braking

Master Class with Fabien Barel: Braking

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

“Everyday people talk about suspension setting, to know how to jump or to ride fast but the braking performance is a key point to your bike efficiency and to your own safety. Sometimes people forget that speed is nothing without control.” Fabien Barel.

Wise words on using your stoppers from legend Fabien Barel!

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  1. rambo

    thankyou Fabien you are a true legend and great teacher

  2. guideo

    …so stylish on the bike

  3. Messy

    Like Fabien’s videos. You start watching it thinking ‘this is going to be proper basic’, but he manages to do it without being patronizing to better riders. Plus, there’s some genius little tips hidden in there, so you quickly realise you have been doing it wrong for years. Good old fab.

  4. Paul Simon Thomas

    Great stuff lots learned. now got go out do it.


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