Josh Bryceland Race Run Helmet Cam Cairns 2014

Ratboy at full tilt in Cairns, always time for some style though

Josh Bryce had a belter of a run in Cairn’s and took 2nd overall 4.229s back on Gee in first. With all the rain in the area running up to the race the track was greased up like a good’n. Even with the UCI having banned helmet cam’s it seems some sort of deal has been done with a few riders wearing GoPro’s in their race runs. Here’s Josh’s run, no music just one man and a track. We interviewed Josh last year about racing and the mind set behind that perfect run. Josh always has fun on his bike and it seems that’s something key to a good run. Check out his race run and interview below. We also caught up with Josh after his run and that interview plus a bunch more from Wyn Masters is here.

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