Jérôme Clementz riding epic trails in Alsace, France

Jérôme Clementz is fast on big bikes and small bikes! JC returns home to Alsace in France to meet up with his “homies” or “amis” and ride a big DH train through a great looking descent. He then hooks up with the lesser known Clementz, his brother Pierre, for some terrific looking singletrack riding with a short stop for what looks like a giant Cornish Pasty (a Welsh Oggy round these parts).

I’m left with a feeling that Alsace is a bloody good region to live in.

Photo © Nuss et Damien Guiot


This is part of JC’s 12 Months 12 Stories a monthly video feature produced for Loizo Rider Productions by Jérémie Reuiller.

Episode 3 here is called Friends & Brotherhood and features friends Richard Delaunay, Emile Pressager, Eliott Lapotre, Guillaume Heinrich & Martin Reuiller as well as JC’s brother Pierre Clementz.