Inside the SRAM truck – Race support vehicles don’t get any more pimp than this.

If you’ve ever been to a race where the SRAM truck has been in attendance then you’ll have no doubt been pretty impressed by it. It’s no small bit of kit by any stretch of the imagination, so even from the outside it looks pretty amazing, but in this latest video from Chain Reaction Cycles we get a look inside this beast of a race support vehicle, and it’s every bit as good as we imagined…

I dread to imagine what the value is of all that stock! Supporting riders obviously doesn’t come cheap, it’s a serious investment, and that’s before you even start to factor in the cost of the truck itself, and the staff needed to run it. Still, I guess the fact that SRAM have offered such great race support for so many years now is part of the reason why they’ve become so loved by racers. It’s obviously worth it in the end.