How is this BMX’er still alive? And why the hell don’t BMX’ers wear helmets?

Now I love BMX, but I don’t for the life of me understand why so many BMX riders seem to refuse to wear a helmet. Maybe it’s because they’ve already smashed their heads in one too many times already, or maybe it’s simply because they’re too cool? I’m not talking about when just riding down the street either, the guy in the video below is attempting a half cab off a set off steps that most mountain bikers wouldn’t even consider hucking on a DH bike. How he didn’t end up dead is a mystery to me. Anyway, get ready to wince…

While filming for his new OSS video Brandon Begin attempted to half cab El Toro and took a nasty blow to the head. It was honestly the scariest things I’ve ever witnessed in my time riding BMX. He was out cold for a little over a minute snoring at the bottom of the stairs but luckily he woke up quickly and was back to normal within a day or two. I don’t think he’ll be revisiting this any time soon.

I would have hoped they’d said “he’ll be wearing a lid from now on”. Oh well, some people will never learn…and it seems a lot of them are BMX’ers.