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Greg Minnaar back flipping his V10

Greg Minnaar back flipping his V10

The challenge is on…how many world cuppers can flip their DH rig?? Gwannn Greeegggooorrryyy!


Steel City Media were on hand to capture Greg Minnaar at La Fenasosa Bike Park in Spain.


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  1. Peter

    Spelling and grammar becoming an issue on your website recently, might be only me that cares

  2. Peter

    I don’t care actually

  3. David

    I think it’s just you

  4. OrangePatriot

    It’s not just him. Without correct spelling and grammar we may as well go back to grunting and pointing.

  5. bikecharlie

    I prefer grunting and pointing actually

  6. Bobby2sox

    Yasssss! What we grunting and pointing at? Count me in.

  7. lee


  8. Pessimist

    Greg just did a flip on a V10. He’s also World Champ. Shut the fuck up about Grammar.

    1. Mark

      Thank you!

  9. jimox

    clipped in too? could have a world cup racers backflip contest for extra points after every round!!

  10. Messy

    You wouldn’t catch gwinny partaking in this kind of foolish shinanigans…

  11. tomakass

    I am not exactly the best at grammer myself but sometimes its pretty important. It can mean the difference between “helping your Uncle Jack off a horse” and helping your uncle jack off a horse”

  12. tomakass



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