Giant’s Marcelo Gutierrez is an Urban Legend

Marcelo Gutierrez is the Colombian rider who has been making his way rapidly through the ranks of the World Cup downhill scene in recent years. Now riding for Giant Factory Racing, Gutierrez goes into the 2014 season keen to make a serious mark on the scene, but it’s nice to see in this video by none other than Clay Porter that he is still grounded and having a great time.

Take 10 minutes of your time and invest them into this great film:

What’s it like to be a pro downhiller from Colombia? And what’s it like to speed violently down steep, narrow, broken city stairs, through a tunnel of screaming fans? Giant Factory Off-Road Team rider Marcelo Gutierrez knows. This is his life. He’s a rising star in World Cup downhill, and a straight-up legend in the urban downhill game. This is Marcelo’s world like you’ve never seen it before.

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