Fabien Barel presents S2E4 – Riding Spruce Lake with Jeff Lenosky

In this latest video edit from Fabien Barel he finally made his annual trip to North America in July. After racing the Enduro World Series events in Colorado and later in Vancouver, he was able to carve out a few days of riding with the legend that is Jeff Lenosky…

Anybody who knows Jeff is aware he’s one of the nicest guys on two wheels. He’s also incredibly talented. Jeff has been riding mountain bikes in one form or another since the early 1990’s. His career has included downhill racing, trials, cross country, and everything in between.

It’s not often that these two riders get to link up, but clearly they had a great time exploring the trails around the Spruce Lake area north of Whistler.

Access to these trails is only possible with assistance from a float plane. In fact, for the northern areas of Canada, travel by float plane is probably almost as regular as travel by car. Anyway, Fab and Jeff discover that getting a drop off in the wilderness is no problem. But, if you want to get picked up and go home, you can’t be late for the float plane…