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Dirt Norco Race Team - Evolution

Dirt Norco Race Team - Evolution

Dan Stanbridge

2013 is an exciting year for the Dirt Norco Race Team with the evolution from a 3 to 5 a rider team.

In this edit Ben Reid introduces new team riders Casey Brown, Greg Callaghan and George Gannicott as well as some of the teams new 2013 sponsors.

This video supports a feature in the latest Dirt Magazine (Issue 136) called ‘Evolution’.

Dirt Norco 2013 Team a Mountain Biking video by gee-milner

Thank you for watching, see you at the races…

George Gannicott by Gee Milner
George Gannicott by Gee Milner

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  1. joe

    I dont manage a team and dont make a living from mtb but I’ve still heard of casey brown along time before “last year”. also a lot of respect for riding and managing a team but never going to be able to compete with the top class teams

    1. Leon

      Ever thought that training your ass off and traveling the world racing leave little time for idle bike forum surfing ?

  2. Ben

    ^ Im sure the riders on the Dirt team will appreciate your encouraging words and support. You can’t beat a bit of positivity, nice one Joe.

  3. Ben

    Meant to say – Great vid, good luck for the coming season.

  4. Eoin

    Ben Reid was probably busy racing world cups, managing a team and filming, while you spent your evenings on pinkbike joe.

  5. Mike

    Why don’t we see much of Stanny racing these days? Is he just doing world cups?

  6. Maya Rider

    where’s the segment of Casey hauling some serious freight? come on guys, it’s just a girl!! 😛

  7. Tinks

    What’s the song for Greg Callaghan’s section? Reet tune that


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