Megavalanche 2014 – Descending into the abyss – GoPro Full Run

The Megavalanche is a crazy enough race at the best of times, but this year it was perhaps even crazier than ever. We’d already heard reports about the incredible amounts of mud, but we hadn’t heard just how awful the conditions were at the start of the race, high up on the glacier. Even in perfect conditions descending down the black ski run is tough enough, but this year it looks like they were just descending into an abyss.

Thibaut Ruffin from the Commen├žal/Riding Addiction team managed to film the entire Megavalanche race on his GoPro, and took the honour of leading out the majority of the glacier section, despite barely being able to see a thing at the top. Further down the course you’ll see just how bad the mud was too. A tough race to say the least.

Anyway, enjoy Thibaut’s footage…

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