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Dave The Rave Harvey: SheepSkull-Forest Of Dean

Dave The Rave Harvey: SheepSkull-Forest Of Dean

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

No wonder you don’t see many sheep around the Forest these days with tunez like this blasting out of the woods! But, it’s always great to see an edit from Sallow Vallets, there’s a lot of fun tracks up there, SheepSkull, CorkScrew, Ski Run and GBU and a load more. If you haven’t been yet, put the Forest Of Dean on your “2013 To Do List”.

Rider: Dave Harvey (and his twin)
Film and edit: Chris Pleass

  1. Goon

    turned it off when the music kicked in :(

  2. Machete

    Not bad footage but that music should be kept where it belongs. In a dodgy fetish club on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Berlin where the gimps can writhe and squirm to it in the sweaty blackness while having their choke chain tugged by a busty dominatrix

  3. Dave Harvey

    The tune is sick. Stop hating it bro.

    1. Machete

      stop hating it? okay……………
      woah it worked! i love it!

  4. adhocdirt

    Sorry but I’m hating it… Chris Pleass don’t use it again… or anything remotely like it!… best watched in mute!…

  5. JPizzle

    OK, it might not be music to everyone’s taste, but it fit the riding and the tone of the edit, which is more important than a ‘good'(over-used) song


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