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Could Boris do this on his bike? Citi Bike BMX

Could Boris do this on his bike? Citi Bike BMX

Take one ‘Boris Bike’, add one Rad Rider, Tyrone Williams, and see what can be done with such a heavy cumbersome machine.

This video is Brilliant, but the soundtrack is even better… “One Wheel Wheely make me wheely one wheel”.

Music: Early B “One Wheel Wheely”

  1. Wayne Kerr

    Gee that is so irresponsible. The bikes are provided as a public service and you think it is okay to treat the bikes in such a manner. Shame on you. Hopefully the perpertrator can be caught and made an example of!

    1. TimBud

      I really hope thats a poor attempt at sarcasm.

  2. .

    ^ stop being a pussy and enjoy the video. Its a massive corporation that funds these bikes and they have thousands of extra bike for back up. This same corporation took billions away from the public and ruined families lives along with other corps for their own benefit. So if a veteran pro bmx rider decides to do some wheelies, so be it and get that stick out your ass punk.

    1. Robin S

      Come on guys – have you not noticed his name? Wayne Kerr! Seriously, lighten up. Awesome vid by the way!

  3. Jake Boylett

    That was awesome

  4. Aubrey T

    Check the first comments name and say it fast…. hahahahahahahahaha.

    I reckon he is a tosser…..


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