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At Home with Hannah Barnes: Tea, Tousling and Trails.

At Home with Hannah Barnes: Tea, Tousling and Trails.

Beautiful lass, scenery and trails: This is not your average Dudes of Hazzard edit. Liam Murphy has put together a very chilled edit of Hannah Barnes hanging out at home and riding the trails at Laggan. You can forgive him the Slo-Mo ‘Timotei’ shampoo Ad intro because its so beautifully shot. Hannah makes her local trails look an awful lot of fun and there is certainly no shortage of Loam.


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  1. Barney

    10 speed racer with nae brakes!

  2. MaverickEn

    What only one comment, is Dirt full of gay guys! Nothing wrong with that either but wth, this vid has great trails, awesome terrain and Hannah is one of the hottest female riders out they’re and a girl in gumboots is so sexy. Cheers for the vid, love watching Hannah ride, keep up the flow and vids, now have to watch my back that Joe doesn’t come after me for those comments lol.


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