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Aaron Gwin on his new Carbon Demo: Video

Aaron Gwin on his new Carbon Demo: Video

Well there is one thing for sure, Aaron Gwin can ride a bike…fast. He’s looking super stylish out on the dusty trails of California, can we expect even bigger things from him this year? He seems to think so. We’ll just have to wait and see, but for now lets just enjoy this video.

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  1. Mike

    His speed is outstanding! Amazing!

  2. Jason Millward

    Wow, incredible speed. Judging from that it’s going to be more of the same when the world cups start.

  3. scriz

    People that say Gwin lacks style are kooks… he’s full on moto pinned.

  4. Fooman G

    Speed never goes out of style…

  5. Steve


  6. Steve

    Also you KNOW Gwinny is getting those rainbow stripes this year!

  7. dirt dodger

    yes ultra fast, there is absolutely no doubt in his ability and it is something to behold, i am in awe, but with comments like that he is showing why so many think he is a dick. I seriously hope he has a large slice of the pie from humble handed to him very soon, preferably from Brook or Sam.

  8. Oz

    2m 21s Pro Pencil!

  9. Oz

    Oh no, I just watched it to the end. ‘I am the best rider in the world’ Who says that? Bellend.

  10. Humble?

    I recon he is the best rider in the world. He is not only faster than everyone else, he is a fair bit faster, and a lot more consistent. Just take val de sole last season. He rode so much harder than anyone else thought possible. I think that what he said was a fair, realistic and pretty humble assessment of where he is at the moment. Playing it down would be false humility. Just my two cents.

  11. More like humble pie

    Even if he is the best (most consistent?) rider in the world, you just don’t say it. There is no way to say ‘I am the best rider in the world’ without sounding arrogant so why not just let his riding do the talking? Things can change quickly in this sport (injuries are common) and I hope his words don’t come back to haunt him.

  12. rossiechoppers

    Still on Fox but now on Sram??


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