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64 kilobytes of Brook MacDonald

64 kilobytes of Brook MacDonald

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Quick compilation of Kiwi flyer Brook MacDonald from the 2012 WC season. Tell you what, it’s gonna be a pretty exciting year to see how Bulldog performs on the Trek Session 9.9.

Edited by Gianluca Ricceri
Produced by www.triridemtb.com
Music: “Coffee” by Aesop Rock (Figure Remix)

64 kilobytes
Try telling the youth of today that computers in the 1980’s had just 64 kilobytes of RAM and they’ll think that you’ve been snorting too much Space Dust.

To put the Commodores neolithic computing power into perspective, Brooks helmet camera has, say, a 32GB card in it, that’s about 32,768,000kb, the Commodore is rocking just 64kb.

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  1. Goon

    Pretty sick footage, turned it of after a bit though coz of the music. Cant wait to see what he has for this year, especially after ending the season on high.

  2. Bazz

    Still got my C64 in its original box haha

  3. prostate

    music is gross. rider is boss!

  4. Stevie Bell

    Comparing RAM with storage is not comparing like-with-like. 10 mB HDDs were available for the C64 from the early years.

    1. mbare

      Yep, 10Mb fit tons of C64 games and the average game was loaded in less than 64kb of ram. Amazing! 😉

  5. Renners

    Loved the music and general feel, nice work Gianluca!


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