2014 Kona Process Platform – Big, Massive Fun Times 3

Kona are making some incredible bikes for 2014. Their new Process range really stands out in particular, so much so that two of them made it into our 2014 Dirt 100 (the 153 even graces the cover). The bikes are just so much fun to ride, and so well thought out. Basically we love them, and this video that Kona have done to promote the range isn’t half bad either…

The Process 153, 134 and 111. Three different bikes that share the same design concept, which for us is quite simple – injecting the most possible fun into each and every bike. To demonstrate our accomplishments, we take you too the wilds of Whistler and Pemberton, BC with Enduro Product Manager Chris Mandell, Kona Team rider Alex Stock, and Super Grassroots rider Harry Steele.

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