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Snappy Snappy Suding: That Hafjell Gap.


The gap on the Hafjell WC course claims another victim. Seemingly Lorenzo Suding’s case didn’t agree too well with his Fury. Oooff. Hope he’s better off than the bike!

Credit: Guillaume Cauvin

  1. Frog

    How professional of the polygon rider to upload this video… I’m sure Lorenzo is stoked about how pissed his sponsors will be. Viva la France

    1. Jack

      *Vive La France

      What a crap argument. It happened, it was filmed, it was uploaded. Do you really want censorship in the world of mountain biking?! In any case [pun intended], its hardly the sort of move 99% of us would think of trying, so it hardly represents a reason not to buy one…

    2. Hadtoreply

      This is easily one of the best comments I have ever read: Let’s sensor everything and pretend that all the products the sponsors are sellling are plain awesome no matter what!
      You are so brilliant mate!
      (BTW: I’m French and “fuck you” in French is “Va te faire foutre”)
      Just sayin…

  2. asda

    How to watch the fucking video???

    1. Jon

      no idea, i get a french message saying click play but it doesnt work and links to some crap french food site !?

  3. Daire

    He’s saying the bike was damaged in transit from South Africa. To be fair it was a pre production frame that was more than likely a lighter version too. Still a ridiculously scary crash to have been piloting.

  4. Jake Boylett

    GT Gay Transport nuff sed

  5. Casey

    Wow, how quick do the haters come out???
    This must obviously be one in a long string of GT’s snapping in half??? No…? Google ‘Snapped downhill fames’ and you will find Intense, Norco, Kona, Specialized, Trek, etc etc have all at some stage had a frame break… Or forks snap and explode… Or a DeeMax buckle or disintegrate etc etc… SHIT HAPPENS… Correct?

  6. Brendan Jones

    Correct Casey, shit does break when you ride it hard enough. You can hardly bag GT when they are looking like having both the mens and womens world cup champs on board. (Appropriate name by the way)

  7. Robz

    But really, he didn’t case it that badly….

  8. jezzas

    Lots of talk about the bike, not many healing vibes to the rider. I’m guessing everyone knows he is ok..

  9. David Smith

    Ummm…frames can fail for a lot of reasons. Just sayin’…


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