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Russian Rampage: Kirill Benderoni

21:05 10th January 2013 by Billy Thackray

The Russian Josh Bender? Somebody needs to sponsor this guy! Wait a minute! I think they have! (see below)

Well done Kirill Benderoni, your dedication and hard work is paying off!

  1. Rasheeeeed JamJar

    Seriously, someone get this guy to Rampage! If he’s not there in 2013 I’m going to refuse to watch it. I’m pretty sure he’d send anything if he got a big travel bike…

  2. Jamazepam

    Ha, he’s like the mtb equivalent of Rocky!

  3. dominic

    I love this guy, so deadpan about nailing himself! He’s bulletproof!

  4. binturong04

    my vote for personality of the year 2013.

  5. Andy

    This guy is a legend, there are may reasons but these immediately spring to mind:

    1. His plays his own soundtrack to his video, how many other freeriders can say that?

    2. He didn’t say “stoked”, “amped” or “pumped” once.

    3. He’s taken Bender’s name and made it cooler, I mean “Benderoni” come on, how cool is that

  6. Part Time

    Brilliant, that riding made me smile. Video edits don’t usually do that.

    1. Pedro

      The correct link: http://www.dmrbikes.com/team/

  7. Pedro
  8. Leo

    I’ve been following this guy on Pinkbike for a few years now, I was so happy when he got picked up by DMR. One of the most deserving guys out there, I would love to see him hit the big-time. Then again he can’t flipwhip, 720, or frontflip bars, so none of the big teams wil be interested…

  9. Nb

    Wow. Stylish riding. Well done DMR for picking up Kirill.

  10. Píďa

    He is crazy … on hardtail

  11. Monkeysoundsystem

    Seriously.. He jump like that in Russia. Do you have any idea, how looks medical care in Russia?


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