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Pinarello Dogma XM - Should all bike release videos be like this one?

12:20 16th July 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite

Pinarello, a very highly respected company in the world of road bikes, have just launched a new full suspension mountain bike, the Dogma XM, and this is their promotional video for it…

Could you face watching that again? I sure as hell couldn’t.

  1. gee

    Did Steve Jones write that script? Same wobbly grasp of English….

  2. Dave Walsh


  3. Craig B

    Tbh. I cannot express how universally awesome every single review would have to be before I swung my leg over that cock-master-mobile. You would just feel a twat.

  4. CaptainIanR

    Dear God… Can’t listen to any more. STOP!!!

    1. Cliff

      I can’t believe anybody would buy into so much bullsh!t. Anyone who buys that bike deserves it.

  5. PWN

    Sounds like it was written in italian, translated to english by a gcse student and then spoken by the voice actor / robot exactly as translated. Awful.

  6. Dave

    Dogmatic: “Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles”… surely someone pointed that out to them?

  7. Oz


  8. greg

    so much negativity.. I found parts of this video to be absolutely hilarious! The best part went something like “we are the only ones proud to use this system”, which does not communicate what they want to communicate… Seems like somebody missed a class in marketing 010 or some such. Oh well. It might be that this bike is perfect for some weight weenie roady turned xc rider, but i think i am about as far from the core audience of this bike as it is possible to get. Best of luck P.

  9. Willy W

    Why all the negative fellas, have any of you internet heros ridden the bike? Yeah the narrative is pretty cheesy but there are some good little design features on that bike, might all be marketing bull when it comes down to it but at least it’s a fresh face and new perspectives coming into the industry, if this was a Specialized, Trek or GT then you’d all be saying “wooow”. Shite marketing doesn’t make it a shit product, the industry in it’s current state is very image conscious and performance suffers as a result, flappy jerseys in a time trial event with average speed of over 35km/h…..I mean what sad kinda sport is that….oh that’s right!

    Think I might get the voice over fella to do my funeral, would be a great day out for the family!!!

  10. Chris Pleass

    Lovely asymmetrical design, perfect suspension performance only when needed and fork stoppers are all very well, but you’re going nowhere in the UK very fast with that mud clearance on the rear.

  11. Guy Bowden

    I bet they sell a bucket load – all those people in their Rapha Sky roadie kit with their pina road bikes will want this.

  12. Jez

    Google-translate from the Italian script, add US-movie-voiceover, and this is what you get. Hilarity ensues. But there’s some good stuff in there if you’re into the technicals. Would be very interested in a proper review. It might just surprise a few of the armchair experts round the interwebz. Love gee’s comments, BTW…!


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