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How to be a (North American) Mountain biker in 29 Steps


Does North American include Canadian? If not, apologies to IFHT; Matt Denison and Jason Lucas. In this video they tick off a long list of stereotypes in their own inimitable style: from fashion through to trannies stopping off via beers and coffee.

How many you can tick off? What have they missed from your own region?


  1. Melissa

    OMG!! Your so right!! Accept my partner got me in to MTBing and now im more addicted to him… however, on one of my first rides i fell off and broke 2 fingers… But we are still together… and yes we love it that much that we bought 2 acres of land and work, dig and ride as much as we can!!!! I did learn quite a few new words tho!!! This is awesome!!! Thanks guys!!!

    1. Melissa

      Whoops i meant im more addicted than he is to MTBing!!

  2. warthog

    Canadian? Yes. You can tell by the multiple hockey references.

  3. Adrian

    What about the excitement of explaining a cool move you pulled, or where you fell and you explain it to your mates making it seem more awesome than it really was. After all, they were behind you and saw what REALLY happened……..LOL! So awesome!

  4. Muttley

    No matter how horrendous the injury after a crash you lie there screaming at your mates to take a pic before rendering first aid… It’s the law.

  5. Chaz Greenwood

    Hahaha! Choose your wheel size, now go and be a dick about it…so true

  6. Klinton Silvey

    I’m feeling like some of the terms (roost, brap) carry a lot more meaning in moto.

  7. Rita Merriman

    Don’t forget – Talk about bikes, bike parts, bikes, trails and bikes in any given social situation.

  8. Andy

    Need to put in what tyre pressure are you running bro !!!

  9. DHFlip

    How about trying to explain why you’re walking or riding out of the woods with a shovel. Or why the car is always filled with jerseys, gloves, helmets, shovels and buckets.


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