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Fresh Produce: Production Privee - Shan 917

17:26 26th November 2012 by Ed Haythornthwaite

Production Privee’s Shan hardtail easily stands out as one of the very best that we’ve ridden, and it’s one of the few that can genuinely be classed as a ‘do-it-all’ bike. Geometry and tubing choices are the key to this frames success, but we also like the fact that the guys at Production Privee have a real keen eye for design. Their products always have a high class finish and their love for classic motorsport and the inspiration that brings is always on show. The two latest finishes for their Shan frame are just another example of that.

The first ’917′ finish was inspired by the legendary Porsche 917, a car that won the Le Mans 24hr back in the 70′s and was later featured in the film ‘Le Mans’ alongside the even more legendary Steve McQueen.

And for those who don’t remember it here’s the inspirational car. Despite being made so long ago many still consider it to be the fastest production racing car ever made. It even puts Bugatti’s Veyron to shame!

If that’s not really in keeping with your style then how about ‘The SHAN of Hazzard’…

Which has of course been inspired by the equally legendary Dukes Of Hazard.

If you don’t ‘get’ hardtails then you’ve obviously never ridden one of these. They are quite simply amazing. And here’s a little vid to give you a flavour of what both the bike and company are about. Oh, and it was all filmed right outside their office in Andorra.

Find out more at www.production-privee.com

  1. Hancock

    Gah that’s not fair.

    I fell in love with the Canary Shan, but the 917 paint job is simply filth, pure unadulterated filth.

  2. FoomanG

    Good to see some ‘tail action going on!

  3. EmilMP

    That Shan 917 is one great looking hardtail. And that’s a pretty cool stopwatch…

  4. ddmonkey

    That’s the bike that is going to get me back riding a hardtail… Shan 917. How could you not put this in the Dirt 100?

  5. dirt dodger

    what an unbelieveably flattering colour scheme, you clever clever people :-) fantastic looking bicycle

  6. Graeme Wadhams

    Ok so, every time I talk myself into getting an AM bike with suspension, this think keeps popping up, but ok decided, new PP for me it is then! Love the colours.

  7. Ed

    Yes swampthings! so good

  8. Trip

    Nice Rolex!

  9. the butcher

    best aggro hardtail on the planet. I don’t give a shit what colour it is. Buy one, you’ll never stop smiling….

  10. dai bristol

    where can you buy in the UK?

  11. A Rae

    I was just wondering what Reverb post you used for yours on test as I’ve ordered a new Shan frame and not sure which to get. Obviously you can get them in different lengths and travels so advice would be appreciated!

  12. samuelf

    What is the song they have used?
    Anyone Know.


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