Hafjell World Cup Practice Gallery

Laurence Crossman-Emms gets it done for us again at Hafjell with this stunning practice gallery. There seem to be a few people crashing out here with Tahnee Seagrave taking a big one but she seems to be ok. We also catch up with Gee Atherton reviewing his helmet cam footage from practice and explaining there are a few more seconds to be found this weekend.

Steve Peat talks about his Bronson and the ongoing wheel debate, it might not be as fast a DH bike but it looks like Steve might be running it this weekend, or is he pulling our leg?

  1. Shifty

    Great job! One of the best photos i have seen in a long time… Especially the ones with Myriam Nicole and Danny Hart

  2. shutter2ride

    yup that shot of Myriam Nicole is Ace!

  3. rusty

    No.11 gets my vote :)