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UCI DH World Cup: Season Teaser

UCI DH World Cup: Season Teaser

Red Bull bring us a short, but very sweet teaser for the season ahead, complete with some bone crunching crashes…

I don’t know about you lot, but that actually managed to raise the hairs on my neck in anticipation for next week in Fort William.

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  1. Rasheeeeed+JamJar

    Gwin and Minnaar both look stoned out of their minds…

  2. Mark Bell

    look at the time.

  3. Down n Dirty

    Awesome edit

  4. rick

    First hand: Crapiest player ever.
    With all this tons of cash, a “wearesosuperfancyandinventedextremesports” company like Red Bull should be able to improve their more than suck player, shouldn’t they?
    On the other hand: Sick edit!

    1. dirt dodger

      What exactly is wrong with it? HD and full screen (unlike some players on the market you know who you are )

      1. Eoin

        It is to do with older PCs. My little laptop plays pinkbike and youtube up to 720p no problems. Stutters a fair bit with mpora, but simply can not get more than 10fps with the red bull one, despite terrible resolution of red bulls player. It’s pathetic.

      2. rick

        Got a brand new computer, that’s not the point. If your pausing or rewatching a section, gone is the HD instead you’re looking at a 6 pixel screen and offend your ears with poor sound quality.

    2. hank

      well in switzerland, it seems you aren’t allowed to view redbull videos that have been posted / imbedded to other sites. I always have to go to redbull to watch a vid.

  5. Maya Rider

    did redbull just fix its player???

  6. Tim

    Is there no fantasy league for the wc this year?

  7. ronin

    i know enduro is taking off but DH is still the shite that rules.

  8. dirt dodger

    shame there is no fantasy DH this year….massive booooooooooooooo!!! next weekend cannot get here fast enough, lets get some fooking DH GOING :-)

  9. Markus

    I’m so stoked that the season finally begins! 😀

  10. Jay

    Please say there will be a DH fantasy league, I’m sad and I need that in my life

  11. blay

    sicksicksicksicksick why is there no dh fantasy when there is enduro fantasy??

  12. noah

    I’ve been looking forward to the fantasy DH league so I really hope it is happening again.

  13. Mark

    Yes please, Fantasy League. It’s a must, even though I always seem to end up way way down the list…. My mom says it’s all about taking part.

  14. Ed

    DON”T PANIC!!!!!!! There WILL BE a DH Fantasy League this year!

    1. Leon

      Too late ! the end is nigh !

    2. Jay


    3. Gabe

      Phew! Just read all those “there’s no dh fantasy league this year” comments. Eds comment to the rescue moments be

      1. Gabe

        Moments before I was going to chuck my mates laptop out the window… Still might have to get chucked… Fucking touch screens.

  15. bedders

    Ed/Billy, did Finally 4 ever make it?

  16. cRAIG



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